Healing Praise (FGM) - Arena of Praise, Prayers & Deliverance. I'm safe in His hands!
  I started this prayer conference call back in June 2003, with the purpose to draw people closer to God and to train people up in the school of prayer by practice -Faith in action according to the scriptures in I Peter 5:7-10. 

  Every participant is admonished to extend his/her hands to those in need of God's divine intervention, and to be persistent in prayers, giving thanks to God for all things - 1 Thes. 5:17-18. Although Satan is busy doing lots of havoc in many nations and lives; we are committed to praying God's will concerning all nations and their people into existence. We will continue to do spiritual warfare which is much needed to establish the kingdom of God in every situation we encounter.
My vision for this Telephone prayer line, which started since 2003. To train men and women of all nations in the Acts of Prayers, and to provoke them to also empower others to stand up for their families, churches and nations as prayer warriors. 
Our Goals:
1. To create awareness in all participants, of the greatness,    
All- Powerful, infallible and unbeatable power that is embedded in the word of God.
2. To build up within participants great faith that comes  
    through the knowledge, confession and doing of the  word of God.
3. To develop and sustain, through the daily activation of 
     godly character, a winner's mentality; one  
      who stands convinced of the fact that Satan is no match to ONE who battles with, and in the  
      name and the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ (God).
4. To provoke and mobilize participants to seek to mentor   
     others utilizing the stipulated guidelines,  
     and to encourage those mentees to mentor other 
     intercessors up to multiple levels.
I bring you greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus. 
It has been a quite a joy to have been praying with you, and I appreciate you as my prayer partner. I want to thank God for enabling you to rise up every morning to pray your destiny into fruition, We have a lot of work to do and we have made up our minds to continue to pray according to Luke 18:1, which says that, men ought always to pray and not faint.
I praise  God for many testimonies and miracles that he has done in our midst these past years (marriages restored, healing of cancers, deliverances from demonic oppressions, multiple jobs and promotions, Breaking satanic strongholds of territorial oppressions (without leaving our various homes).
I am therefore convinced that as we work together, with one purpose and spirit, and with the determination not to give up, nor grow weary in pressing in with daily intercessions, we will no doubt demolish the kingdom of darkness and advance the kingdom of God through prayers with signs following.
SEE WHAT DIFFERENCE "PRAYER" MAKES......Prayer is the master key to Breaking the bondages of wickedness off your life.  
PRAYERS! Commanding your Morning:
Please note that prayer line phone number
has changed from: 605-475-4825 to 712-432-0900, with access code - 295668#
Please join us every morning to set your day in godly perspective with the Healing Praise Conference Prayer Line
TIMES: 5AM - 6AM DAYS: Mondays to Saturdays
Phone number: 712-432-0900 ; Access Code: 295668#