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The Healing Praise Full Gospel Ministries has given birth to an Initiative called,“WOMEN AND CHILDREN HELP CENTER.”
The Healing praise Gospel’s “Women and Children help Center” has been knee deep in the battle against the exploitation of women, Some of our women have been caught in the web of international human trafficking, and when they arrive at the receiving country, they become destitute from the first day. Now, reports have shown that many third world countries are trafficking women and children, and our community leaders must stand up and help to better the lives of these victims that have found there way to the US.
What is Human Trafficking? It is an act of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring or receiving a person through a use of force, coercion or other means, for the purpose of exploiting them. Every year, thousands of women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad.
A CASE IN HAND: With one of our clients, she had been taken to a juju shrine, back in Africa, to swear that she will send back, monthly, monetary returns to her owner (the one who paid for her visa and ticket), and that failing to do so will attract a curse from Satan and his spirits. She agreed and her owners bought her a visa, and a one way ticket to Europe. When her European mission (prostitution) was not yielding much, she wangled her way into the United States. Now in the US, she lost her dignity; had no money, no shelter, and the job of prostitutions would not yield anything. As a result of her dilemma, she could not send home anything and at this time, totally overwhelmed, she fell ill and we began the challenging, and daunting journey of reorientation, deliverance through prayers, and resettlement. By God’s grace, this woman is totally recovered and assisting to build up the economic strength of her community in Africa. This is the kind of work we do. We really can make a difference.
  Every country in the world is affected by Human trafficking, whether as a country of origin, transit or destination for victims. We want to continue to be a part of the solution for this major problem that has plagued our community.
The evidence of this problem may not be easily detected since the victims are hiding in some of our churches where they receive little assistance like food and water. Because they need more sustaining assistance, my organization is ready to run a food kitchen that can provide regular meals for the homeless. this we have been doing in our own small way.
We can help to shelter the victims, but our handicap is financial resources which is desperately needed in order to provide the food, shelter and personnel for many of the victims, who do not only suffer from physical, and mental abuses carried on from their places of origin, but also suffer from debilitating spiritual attacks stemming from covenants cut with their masters or mistresses in their countries of origin. 
   Healing Praise Gospel's Women and Children Help Center has already begun to act as an intermediary between our clients and the social welfare, and similar organizations that can render them some assistance.
   Our hope is that our organization will one day serve as a one-stop-shop, an all sustaining human business center that all our clients would require to set them back on their feet for a better life.
    OUR VISION: To restoring confidence, strength and economic power to the less privileged women within our community. To create an awareness of the deplorable levels of poverty and the state of hopelessness of some of our women, young mothers, and pregnant young adults, and to pursue avenues of alleviating these debilitating conditions. 
Today, we see that there are women, pregnant young adult and kids within our communities who are so poor that they have no shelter over their heads, talk less, two healthy meals a day. The majority of these people, who are mostly found within the African and Hispanic groups, can almost be termed social outcasts.
When you care for one woman, you have cared for a whole nation. Women are the caretakers of children, and in some homes they are the bread winners. The key to economic development is dependent on unleashing women’s potential and investing in women’s capabilities. In our world today, over 70% of our women are poor. So we must focus on getting our women out of the dungeon of poverty knowing that if you alleviate the poverty level of one woman, she will take her children with  her, and by so doing, a whole bunch of people live  better lives all stemming from the success of one woman.
A woman is potentially the engine of economic and development progress of any nation. We can start from our little communities to identify and render necessary help to women and mothers in need, and by so doing we will not only be able to empower and transform their lives, but the transformation will eventually advance their children’s socio-economic and intellectual way withal to a level that will be of great benefit to the society in general.
My hope is that addressing the poverty levels of women in our community might trigger a convincing discussion on gender inequality and its negative blows to the general growth of our world today. So, women’s roles as the primary caretakers of children and the household, the live wires of the family, can only begin to illustrate their importance in the economic and societal fiber of our various communities.
Within our community I have located two widows, four single parents (women), and two single pregnant girls under 25 years of age with whom we have worked.
In the year 2000, I began a journey with a very young couple who just started a family that year, and I committed to support them though their first pregnancy. By 2008, I realized that I had been present at the labor ward while all of her five children (2boys and 3girls) were being born. As a matter of fact, in 2008, during labor, she had some life threatening complications which would have devastated the family had I not been with her at the time. So when I look at the past, I give God the glory for giving me the opportunity to be there when no relative was available. The emotional support given at this very crucial time, in the life of such a young mother, is priceless and must be encouraged.
  1. To outsource funds from existing and willing organization for the purpose of health care, employment, food, and housing of women and children in need.
  2. To build a place that will serve as a temporary safe heaven for women who have temporarily lost the ability to provide for themselves.
  3. To serve as a referral Agency to Social Welfare services an like organizations
  4. To solicit for grants and funding from investors
  5. To set up a food/soup kitchen
  6. Hunger:To provide, and direct women to healthy and nutritious food banks within their locality
  7. NEWCOMWERS: To give orientation, Education and counseling to enable them adjust and advance towards acculturating. Because some women are in the United States of America all by themselves, they are not able to take care of certain need that would have been attracted some communal assistance.
This initiative, the Healing Praise, (Women and Children in Need), has only come this far through personal sponsorship. It also got some help, in 2010 from the African Leadership Empowerment council  (ALEC), and although it looks like our efforts have not yielded much fruit, the lives that have been touched have sustaind their testimonies. 
1. Funds 
2. 10 workers and Volunteers to assist clients with projects, and to help prepare clients to become employable in the near future.
2. Food/soup kitchen outside of my home.
Back in Africa, our communal ways in which we  lived alleviated many  problems. You rarely have to hire a baby sitter because when you left for work, your uncle’s wife, you mother, or grandparents took care of the children free of charge. If one came back tired from the farm, the older mothers at home would have prepared the food for everyone. So stress was almost non existent. But those who found themselves abroad, in the U S or in Europe realized the difference between what they enjoyed in Africa and and the unavoidable sufferings abroad. So they struggled to acculturate themselves in the US. And all those services they received free of aharge while in Africa, would now attract much funds. This is one of the reasons why some of our women struggle quite alot to make ends meet in the US.
  A poor man hardly has any friend who would agree to stick with him as times get harder. Most of the times we see that people turn blind eyes to the less privileged within our community. And sometimes they castigate, judge and relegate them to be ‘N’er do wells’, and blame their wretched condition to their ancestors, misfortune  or their fault. It is time we paid attention to some of our women who have become unemployable due to their lack of proper documentation with which to pursue such ventures abroad. These women have become destitutes due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control, and we must lend a helping hand. We must be their voices. When I see the children of the less privileged, I see the next president of the US, and we must do our best to provide equal platform for all to fulfill their God given destiny.
For Questions on  WOMEN AND CHILDREN HELP CENTER (Our ongoing Initiative), please call 1-866-499-3180
or write to: 5107 Whitfield Chapel Rd Lanham MD 20706
Attn: Min. Lovelyn Edobor
Co Founder: Ambassador Edwin Edobor
1. At the moment I am working with a young woman who is pregnant, and the baby is due to be born in February 2011. This young African woman has absolutely nothing; no housing, no job, and no money for food and no family in the United States. I have solicited for some funds to keep her going and on Wednesday the 19 of January 2011, we organized a baby shower for her and some godly people of good will, within our church family, brought in some gifts including a baby cot and a stroller for her as we anticipate the baby’s arrival.
2. We have opened our eyes and stretched out our hands to our church community, in order to identify widows, and orphans, and women in need. We also taken on the responsibility of sending them groceries as, and when needed until they are stabilized.
3. Visitation is part of the job we do; this way we are able to give some emotional support to the families as well.
4. Today, January, 26 2011, an African woman with Breast cancer complications arrived four days ago and is receiving treatment at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Although she has some relatives here, we are deeply involved in ministering to her needs and to stand as a strong spiritual support that she desperately needs. Remember that the human life is very precious, and we must do all in our power to preserve it.
Mothers and Women in Need
This Initiative has already begun to act as an intermediary between our clients and the social welfare, and similar organizations that can render the people some sustaining assistance. Our hope is that our organization will one day serve as a one stop shop, an all sustaining human business center that all our clients would require to set them back on their feet fora better life.
We can help to provide shelter for victims, many of whom do not only suffer from physical, and mental abuse carried on from their places of origin,
God and his holy word say in Isaiah 58: 6-7 that the kind of fast that is required of us is not the type that some prophets and Pastors, leaders and Christians undertake for selfish purposes. When have you ever taken up a fast to seek God’s face for the common need of the poor?
When you needed a new car, a new job,  or a big house you took out time to fast and when you got it, you testified and celebrated, but when have you cared that your next door neighbor is hardly able to afford a loaf of bread, and a cup of tea for breakfast?
We are the voice of the voiceless, the outstretched hands of God that minister to the people. We are the compassionate heart that would stay awake to think of how to source and provide the next meal for a sister. Everybody deserves a chance to survive. And we don’t want to wait for a Haitian or a Tsunami experience to lend a helping hand.
DISCRIMINATTION IS SINWe all must frown, and strongly condemn  discrimination of any sort, more so discrimination due to ones ethnicity, tribe or nationality. We are all one people though our tongues may differ. I am particularly grateful that God is God and not man. If men were God, who by his mercy provided us with life, they would have liked to choose which person is qualified to live and who should die, and at what time that death should come. Since we are not God, I would rather we don’t play God, but praise God that owns the whole world and all its resources. The important issue here is not where you come from, or what language you speak, or even what religious inclination you have; it’s not your denomination, or wether you are a moslem or a hindu; what matters is that a soul is in need of subsistence, and receives a shelter, food for the belly, and clothes to cover her nakedness. Every woman deserves a better life.