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THE END TIME SOLDIERS OF CHRIST (ETSOC)                                                 
We are the end time soldiers of the Lord Jesus Christ; our weapons are prayers, our bullets are the infallible word of God, and our fight is against Satan’s kingdom. We are marching forward relentlessly empowered by the Spirit of the God. With Courage, and the backing of the Almighty God, we wear the whole amour of God, with which to withstand the evils of our days. We are moving forward to reclaim all that the enemy has stolen from unsuspecting saints.
So we are forging ahead in this holy battle without fear, but to crush the unseen enemy, and to stop, foil and dismantle all his plans. Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of the dark kingdom, and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.
So, we have overcome Satan by the blood of Jesus, Christ, the blood which protects us, and the words of our testimonies. We are more than conquerors through Christ that strengthens us. We reject all forms of sin and vow to live only for Christ who always gives us the victory. Yes, we are victorious at all times, therefore
Satan is forever defeated,
And Jesus is exalted forever.
  FEB. 23RD 2012
  MAR. 1ST 2012
  MAR. 22ND 2012
  APR. 5TH 2012
  APR.   26TH 2012     
  MAY 3RD 2012
  MAY 24TH 2012       
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                     WAKE UP AND
             SMELL THE COFFEE
while the Intercessors are yet sleeping, many innocent and unsuspecting Christians are being deceived and are falling away from the faith.
I want all true Believers to wake up and smell the coffee, the Antichrist of our times are here in full force, and for this reason I am at the moment running a one year training program for Spiritual warfare ministers whose missions are to pull down satanic strongholds, and operations of the kingdom of darkness by totally adhering to the bible and living a life that is Christ-like and sin-conscious. Satan has been canvassing and building up his kingdom, but the teams that I am putting together (by God’s grace) will live to expose the secrets of the dark kingdom and to counteract the activities of the devil. Also be careful of the “Pray for me” Prophets who are basically medicine men/women  in sheep clothings preying on unsuspecting saints who happen to be going through some hard times. These sons and daughtersof perdition have picked up their art from the witch doctors in the Far East, India Africa and other parts of the world. Satan has gone high tech and many elects are falling away according to the sciptures in Matthew 24:11-12. Be careful not to be caught in their net. As the bible says, it is only those who endure to the end (those who wholly put their trust in God) that will be saved. Matt.24:13.